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Nostalgia is such a wonderful thing. Through the backward-gazing lens of nostalgia even the most hum-drum times radiate waves of rosy and golden warmth. The pang of regret and loss is always nearby, but remembering times past is a constant source of joy for me. Sometimes I hear a tune or smell a scent and I can barely breathe for the fear of seeing or hearing something in the now that might derail that express ride working back toward something that used to be. Read the rest of this entry »


I’m not doing a “best songs of the decade” post because, well, there’s still another year left whether anyone admits it or not. No jumping the gun here, no sir. Read the rest of this entry »

David Ruffin

According to Rolling Stone:

“I heard in [his voice] a strength my own voice lacked,” said Marvin Gaye, who added that Ruffin’s work “made me remember that when a lot of women listen to music, they want to feel the power of a real man.” Read the rest of this entry »

The Temptations

Rock bands–especially British ones–always get the lion’s share of praise for music in the ’60s, so I wanted to take a moment and remind everyone of the phenomenally good homegrown music that came from Berry Gordy’s Motown Records. Read the rest of this entry »

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