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Big Bullet Records is kindly sharing with us another free compilation culled from the tracks of its stable of varied and ever-talented acts. Terminal Ballistics, Volume Two, follows up on 2009’s first volume and shows the indie constellation of stars as compelling as ever, with vital new acts shuffling in next to stalwarts whose sounds have helped define the modern music sound in their region. Read the rest of this entry »


Terminal Ballistics, Volume 1

Dem folks at Big Bullet Records have released their first compilation: Terminal Ballistics, Volume 1. Sounds dangerous, but it’s free, so the pros and cons are obviously weighty indeed. Read the rest of this entry »

Splinters & Sparrows

I grew up in the considerably rural central part of West Virginia, so it was inevitable that at some point I would take up an interest in alt-country. Mainstream country was too reactionary–too yee-haw–and well, I could never have reconciled that with my love of Petula Clark. Alt-country, though, with its stylized, if not entirely accurate, view of economic hardship and mountain kinship was a suitable midway point between the reality of my upbringing and the rosy glow it gets painted with by folks who’ve never had the pleasure. So I indulged heartily in a slate of alt-country, slipping in Whiskeytown and Uncle Tupelo between Ben Folds Five or Ani DiFranco or whatever else was moderately cool in 1998. And then when I went to college I ditched it all and adopted Bob Dylan’s Midwestern faux-roots heritage. Read the rest of this entry »

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