It seems everyone is blogging about music and reviews and all that nonsense these days. So what experiences do I bring to the game that might qualify me to bat about opinions and observations? Well!

I once spent a blizzard back in 2002 dissecting Blood On The Tracks (conclusion: it’s good, but not as good as the electricity coming back on). I’ve read eight books about The Kinks and, even if I don’t appreciate them, I at least get what the hell all those concept albums are about. I’ve got 120 gigs of music socked away on this computer, of which I’ve heard a solid one-third (the other two-thirds I was guilted into obtaining).

In all seriousness, though, music is an unbeatable experience. The way a stray melody worms its way into the back of my head is genuinely thrilling, and I’ve can scarcely think of anything more electrifying than hearing a new song and feeling as if I’ve known it all my life. Being a conduit for that pleasure is a privilege, and I only intend to share the songs that lift up my spirits and benefit like-minded fools who can’t get around their monomaniacal fixation on a mish-mash ideas set to tune.

Also, my record collection is worth more than I paid for my college education.

All songs posted here are for purposes of review only.