Why don’t I get to circle the desert in an old VW pickup, furry bull and pagliacci (?) grooving by my side? What life choices unfairly guided me away from that scenario? Life is not fair.

It’s so awesome when someone comes along with a virtual plastic tote full of noises and smooth keyboard riffs and just dumps them in a scattering mess on the kitchen table. Producer/musician Money Mark (aka Mark Ramos-Nishita) did precisely that on 1995’s Mark’s Keyboard Repair and then doubled down on Push the Button three years later. Sometimes it’s best to let certain people do what they do, and with Money Mark it pays off in spades.

“Hand in Your Head” first appeared on Mark’s Keyboard Repair as “Got My Hand in Your Head” in a pretty cool, more laidback shape, but on Push the Button it really flowered, albeit slightly sheared in title. The lyrics are okay, kinda naff, but paired with Mark’s demo-esque production wizardry it shines like a rotary pencil sharpener.

The crowning touch is the video, a 4-minute romp that has the same eye for low-budgeting that Mark winkingly cops in production chops. The first time you see it, you sit transfixed as the pieces unfold and don’t make half as much sense as you’d like. Each time afterward, it’s sheer amusement.

Also, Money Mark collaborated with the Beastie Boys on something. I don’t remember what.

Money Mark “Hand in Your Head”