What We Will Be, by Spirit Night (AKA Shepherdstown, WV’s Dylan Balliett), has all the sweeping, playful, overwrought, lo-fi wonder and wizardy that Stephin Merritt cooks up when he barricades himself in the bedroom with a Casio and a ukulele. So this is nice, but what I’m really wanting is a triple record of songs in an approximately alphabetical order.

The album juggles folky singalongs and spaced-out ruminations, maintaining a welcome air but remaining a single-minded undertaking. Like a time capsule or postcard, it delivers a message, a summarizing snapshot from a clearly demarked span of time. Such singular works are the product of experience, and though the stories behind the songs will elude us, I at least am gratified to know they came from somewhere.

To zero in, I particularly enjoy “Don’t Miss Me.” A song with poorly fated, romantic tunnel vision, it wears the album’s ambient, echo-y feel like a tattered bathrobe (which presumably the song’s luckless narrator did for weeks afterward). Other songs have more pluck, but “Don’t Miss Me” has a deep production quality that belies the fact that only a small handful of individuals were contributing.

What We Will Be is available for free download, as is the demo version of “Don’t Miss Me.”

And incidentally, the cover of What We Will Be is by Mr. Bryan Minnich, designer of the rock-o-clock header that delights and inspires you each time you visit. He also contributed to this blog. Once.