Cut off your Indian braids and take off your rainbow shades, Arizona. That’s just silly. Instead, come to San Francisco and listen to Aesop’s fables. That’s so much more plausible.

Mark Lindsay, late of Paul Revere & the Raiders, recorded this bizarre gem in 1969, having taken his signature Raiders voice into solo territory¬†after a protracted contractual dispute. It’s strangely condemning, the narrator chastising some girl inexplicably named Arizona for her childish behavior. But the alternatives he proposes are hardly better. Take off your hobo shoes, Arizona, and come practice loving brotherhood in California…?

I must confess, since childhood I thought Lindsay was trying to get the entire state of Arizona to move to California. But then, I also naively thought it wasn’t a half bad idea. I guess a crossfire from R. Dean Taylor’s “Indiana Wants Me” (oh my god, what an overwrought song) had me thinking there was a rash of late-’60s state-oriented melodramatic songs. Then one late night drinking with my friend George found me rolling on the floor, giggling as I realized that Arizona was some girl that likes colors in green and grey. I mean–what?

Actually, if no one minds, I’m going to persist in thinking Arizona is the state. So much more entertaining that way.

Mark Lindsay “Arizona”