I don’t mind holiday music–you know, that stuff that starts playing the day after Halloween–as much as I used to.

Last year, and in years recently past, I would’ve turned shades of red to hear holiday music THROUGHOUT November and December. But for some reason this year, I don’t mind so much.

As with all music, there are some songs and genres that bug me. And I’m not big on the spirituality that’s supposed to be the core of the holiday season. But overall, I really do enjoy some songs. They’re inextricably linked to childhood and snow and presents and all those wonderful things, and it’s okay to binge on glad tidings once a year.

If I can keep the consumerist engine of the modern holiday season from derailing those little happy bits, then I’m quite pleased to hear Nat King Cole’s “The Christmas Song”, and maybe even Jose Feliciano’s “Faliz Navidad” (but please, once is enough).

Nat King Cole “The Christmas Song (1961 Version)”