Shit, We're 23

Everything on Shit, We’re 23, the third release from Shephersdtown’s the Demon Beat, is so deliberate. And that is absolutely the essential quality for a timeless album. Under the rumble and behind the fuzz, every cymbal clatter and each squealing squonk has been placed precisely where it should be. Adam, Tucker and Jordan are holding on to their music with both hands, and this album is shaming its peers to no end.

The album boils on a slow burn. It takes its time, and songs like “Millionaire” and “You Got It” luxuriate in taking longer than the average audience member’s attention span. Hell, even I had to get up and wash the dishes halfway through “Crawl”. The song was so riled up and electrified–I had to do something. (Probably could’ve thought of something cooler.) The way the band toys with the pressure valve, building up a fuss and letting it get away for a minute, then coming back again, betrays a well-earned assuredness with their direction and sound. It’s paying off in spades.

As if “Bad Man”, the stand-out track from last year’s The Demon Beat EP, weren’t massive enough, the band has taken another stab at it and tacked on an extra minute and a half of screeching, crashing thunder. It stands head and shoulders above most other new music I hear these days, and it totally validates plunking down the cash for Shit, We’re 23.

A-plus material like this makes the Demon Beat a stunning live act. Frenetic but measured, their performances are less shows than they are very loud indoctrination into whatever cult Adam’s snake oil salesman is shilling for. Committed to tape, Shit, We’re 23 captures that spirit, gussies it up a bit, and sky-rockets into the wild blue yonder. If this creative arc is sustained, I don’t foresee the Demon Beat being kept from shouldering into rock & roll stardom.

Shit, We’re 23 is available November 12 from Big Bullet Records. Preorder a copy now and receive a download code for the elusive b-side “You Only Love Me When You’re Stoned”. The Demon Beat are touring now and then. Keep tabs on them here.