Happy Birthday

Typically, I avoid sharing albums. I like to share music, but I don’t want to undercut anyone’s ability to make a living.

But it’s my birthday. So I’m sharing the entire 1968 album The Birthday Party by the Idle Race (Jeff Lynne’s post-Nightriders, pre-Move, pre-ELO band). As a nugget of British sorta-psychedelia, it’s wonderful, lyrically adventurous, playful and highly entertaining–much like yours truly. So naturally you’ll be thinking of me the whole time you listen…because again, it’s my birthday.

Supposedly, there’s a terrific Idle Race box set in the works. I can’t wait to hear it, even if it’ll really just compile the band’s entire output and a few lost treasures. Given their talent and attitude, the Idle Race was justified in their intent to rub elbows with the Magical Mystery Tour-era Beatles. Jeff Lynne’s later stint in the Move was something of a misfire (to me), but his time with the Idle Race sketched out everything that would flower impressively with the Electric Light Orchestra years later.

Oh, and it’s my birthday. I was born today, many years ago. Before that day, there was no me. After–lots of me. A whole person’s worth.

The Idle Race The Birthday Party