Terminal Ballistics, Volume 1

Dem folks at Big Bullet Records have released their first compilation: Terminal Ballistics, Volume 1. Sounds dangerous, but it’s free, so the pros and cons are obviously weighty indeed.

Yes, it’s free, but the stable of stars held within are so fantastic…it’s easily worth twice the price. Terminal Ballistics runs the gamut from steadfast BBR artists the Demon Beat, to the ever-roaming Greg Loftus, to the improbable-sounding, contrary Roma Renegade and their “gypsy” music from the WV foothills. (I’m glad I could finally find the time to say something nice about Roma Renegade.)

A few¬†things of note stick out about this compilation. First, as a big fan of compilations (or even just mixtapes, I don’t care which) I have to say it’s awesome that the tracks on Terminal Ballistics are often demos or songs that have otherwise been wandering out in the wilderness all alone till now. This free download isn’t just a repackage of greatest hits; it’s totally worth the money.

Third, the Demon Beat trio bust out solo tracks, and it’s interesting to stand them up next to one another and try to figure out where the common ground is found when Adam, Tucker and Jordan record under their DB moniker. (Oh, and the Demon Beat contribution, “You Got It”, is a top-notch smelly-basement demo.)

Also third, Lizz was right–Cait O’Shea is very pleasant. Her vocals and that itty-bitty ukulele sound like they were crafted from candy glass.

To download Terminal Ballistics, Volume 1, you should probably go through here first. Here’s the track listing:

01. “The Good Fight” Greg Loftus
02. “California” Jude Universer & Birthday Boy
03. “Brigaki Djilia” Roma Renegade
04. “Chin Up (Demo)” Stephen MacDonald
05. “You Got It (Demo)” The Demon Beat
06. “Scattering White Flowers (Demo)” Dandelion Snow
07. “Eyes Wear To God” The Goddamn Hills
08. “White Flags” Tucker Riggleman
09. “Confessions And Lies” The Resonators
10. “We Believe” Khaos Kloud
11. “I Walked Toward The River” The Dreadful Horoscope
12. “Home, It Ain’t Here (Acoustic Version)” Prison Book Club
13. “Admire Me” BLACK FAG!
14. “Sleeping Ashily” Woodworkings
15. “Magnets” Cait O’Shea