The Resonators

The Resonators’ eponymously titled new EP would’ve been right up my alley when I was 18 and still felt like I had a legion of everday foes (real or imagined, individuals or ideas) to push against. Now more likely I’m the old man who’d chase the band off my lawn. And as much as that bodes poorly for me in the twilight years of my twenties, it underlines what The Resonators bring to their music: Exploding youth and infectious, guitar-laden pop in the classic style of early Weezer or even early, less hook-y Turtles. Enthusiasm and square-shouldered emotionalism laid over a danceable framework, The Resonators is a quartet of catchy tracks by a trio of uncommonly earnest young men.

Clambering for respectability or artistic pretense, some bands would shun a label like “pop” and record music better appreciated by other bands than the masses. But The Resonators is a great example of the two trains of thought colliding happily. It’s immediately appealing, and it’s coming along at the right time to be a summertime staple–these songs fuel their batteries on sunshine. But the production is tight, and the band performs formidably. The material is solid for a debut recording, very appealing and a great example to follow. As recording artists and as a live act, The Resonators are a top tier act in their neighborhood.

The Resonators are part of the bounding roster at Big Bullet Records, elbowing for space next to other Shepherdstown, WV area greats including The Demon Beat. And as much as each band jockeys for place in your playlist, it was The Demon Beat’s own Adam Meisterhans who helped record The Resonators, huddling with the band deep in BBR’s basement studio. (Another Demon Beat alum, Jordan Hudkins, contributed the EP’s art and layout.) Resonators guitarist and vocalist Andrew LaCara claims the EP was put together on a budget of “less than $100”, prompting me to wonder which was greater, the band’s talent or BBR’s production skills. But when you make it sound and seem so easy, who cares?

In addition to LaCara, The Resonators are bassist Dom Gianninoto and drummer Jeff Birdsall. The band’s widespread appeal recently secured them a spot opening for rock/hip-hop band The FloBots at this year’s ShepFest (April 18th at Shepherd University, Shepherdstown, WV). Their tour schedule will get progressively heavier as their star rises, but for now eager fans can catch The Resonators at one Shepherdstown venue or another, playing sporadically but with well-earned anticipation.