Mick Jagger

By the late ’60s the Rolling Stones wanted out of their relationship with Decca Records. They didn’t want to help Decca make another dollar on their backs, so rather than give the company one last single, per their contract, Mick Jagger and Keith Richards worked up “Cocksucker Blues”, a song so inflammatory it couldn’t possibly get past Decca’s suits.

And it didn’t. Of course. With lyrics like “Oh, where can I get my cock sucked? / Where can I get my ass fucked?”, what’d you expect? The pissing match resolved itself and the Stones bolted soon after to form their own label and skyrocket into still greater commercial and social heights.

A 1972 documentary of the Rolling Stones touring in support of Exile On Main Street was also titled Cocksucker Blues, and it’s fun to watch, but not as fun as trying to imagine Jagger and Richards plopping the song demo down on a straitlaced bunch of British stuffed shirts!

The Rolling Stones “Cocksucker Blues”