Dylan Hears A Who

Back in 2007 Kevin Ryan mashed the works of his favorite artists, Dr. Seuss and Bob Dylan, into an amusing send-up of Dylan’s mid-’60s sound. The resulting Dylan Hears A Who, featuring Ryan’s great Dylan impression, was an internet sensation before being taken down a peg by Dr. Seuss Enterprises, who claimed copyright infringment. Ryan removed the tracks and accompanying artwork from his website, but that hasn’t stopped the delightful project from circulating independently.

So here it is: Dylan Hears A Who. Kitbashing Seuss classics like Green Eggs & Ham and The Cat In The Hat with Dylan-esque melodies and production values, Ryan manages to get much, much closer to Dylan’s Highway 61 Revisited aesthetics than you’d think (though Seuss and Dylan are damn near soulmates anyway). It’s brilliant, and while its copyright violation is a matter of debate (read an interesting Salon.com article here), as entertaining art it’s unbeatable good fun.

Track Listing

  1. Oh, The Thinks You Can Think!
  2. Green Eggs And Ham
  3. Miss Gertrude McFuzz
  4. McElligot’s Pool
  5. Too Many Daves
  6. The Zax
  7. The Cat In The Hat

Dylan Hears A Who