Loudon Wainwright III

Here’s an excellent soundboard bootleg of one of America’s songwriting treasures, the inestimably cheeky Loudon Wainwright III. Recorded at Rockefeller’s in Houston, Texas in June of 1988, this extended set showcases Loudo’s talent for making hay of humor and emotional insecurity–often in tangent–and bending up and over with unparalleled lyrical acrobatics.

Highlights include, in addition to the drunk-uncle charm strung between songs, comical topical pieces and vulnerable ballads alike. Of the former, the cold weather bitchfest “You Don’t Want To Know” reigns supreme, while the latter is deftly held up by the divorce-themed “Your Mother And I”. A great set throughout.

Wainwright has always been best with an audience. His live albums rank among his best recorded work (especially 1979’s A Live One and 2003’s So Damn Happy), and it is in live captivity that the creature can best be understood. The sound quality of this recording is fantastic, the setlist is great, and it’s just a hell of a good time altogether.

Track Listing:

  1. Arthritis Blues
  2. Cardboard Boxes
  3. One Man Guy
  4. Thanksgiving
  6. Mister Guilty
  7. Unrequited To The Nth Degree
  8. You Don’t Want To Know
  9. Unhappy Anniversary
  10. Your Father’s Car
  11. The Grammy Song
  12. Fame And Wealth
  13. Aphrodisiac
  14. Your Mother And I
  15. Me And All The Other Mothers
  16. School Days
  18. Down Drinking At The Bar
  19. The Man Who Couldn’t Cry
  20. Dead Skunk
  21. Hard Day On The Planet
  22. Surfer Queen
  23. Tip That Waitress
  24. Rufus Is A Tit Man
  25. Lullaby

1988-06-14 – Rockefeller’s – Houston, TX (USA) – 192kbps (Part I)
1988-06-14 – Rockefeller’s – Houston, TX (USA) – 192kbps (Part II)