Piggy-backing on the highly successful British Invasion/Merseybeat sound from Mother England, Australia’s the Easybeats rode to international #1 stardom in 1966 with “Friday on My Mind.”

Perhaps all the more stirring considering Australia’s then-very conservative older generation, the song roars with youthful rebellion and frustration. And though the band failed to keep their profile on top elsewhere in the world, they remain, to some who aren’t quite clever–and I suppose this includes me–the Aussie Beatles.

Chosen in 2001 as the best Australian song ever recorded–with the Easybeats taking best Aussie rock band honors, to boot–“Friday on My Mind” still bursts with vitality more than 40 years after its release, a garage rock classic. The opening locomotive-like rhythm guitar never fails to send a chill down my spine. What other melodic wonders were hidden in that Antipodean rock oasis?

“Friday on My Mind” a gem hiding in plain sight, and I can’t resist drawing as much attention to it as possible.